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ActivateED is in the midst of a campaign featuring various education types talking about why education matters and why working in education matters – and why you should consider it. My video is up today, among other things I discuss the nature of power and leadership and why Washington is not the center of the edu-universe.

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  1. One of Activate Ed’s partners is Education Pioneers. EP, like Activate, is just another resume-builder for the careerists in education reform. They DO NOTHING, HAVE PRODUCED NOTHING, CANNOT CLAIM ANY IMPACT. Look at their website–there is no there, there. I also like how ActivateEd uses the same stock photo of young professionals that EP does. Hahahahaha. And that is just the cosmetic surface of the incestuous relationships between the different players in the reform soap opera.

    But then, to be fair, the same is true for several dozen other faux-education non-profits across the nation. Memo to all of YOU: very few of you have actual classroom teachers-no, not TFA people-on your “teams” or your boards or anywhere in your ersatz organizations. You all think you know better than teachers how to reform education and you have even defined the playing field of how reform was born and how it is to be realized. Some of us who do the actual work know who you are. We know how you work. Your efforts will fail. But then, your real mission isn’t the improvement of American education anyway. Oh, it’s great if it were to happen–as the byproduct of your careerist and negotiated power relationships over a significant sector of the American political economy.

    Sad thing is, you corporate reformers will get over. You hold the power. You set the agendas. You even create the language and mold the culture of what you call reform. And American test scores by any measure, will not move much so long as you control the levers of power. And you will blame a bad economy, unions, media distractions, any number of things to obfuscate your own failure–your failure to have the self-awareness to have a conscience.

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