Coming Attractions

I’m going to take next week away from the blog. Educators 4 Excellence (Bellwether client) will take the helm while I’m gone.  Enjoy.

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  1. Educators for Excellence is an outright scam brought to you by greedy neo-liberal Plutocracy determined to assume an Imperialist station so far above the rest of us I call it a futile system … But students will not cower under the oppression of big brother business. Kids in the hood are critical thinkers. They are creative and many are autodidact. They will rise, and when they do the rich will see that essentially stealing hope and the future from the rest of us is not going to work out as they thought. Already citizens and colleagues are banding together and usurping Eli Broad’s mercenaries. If you do not get who these people are, than you are a fool. If you have a clue, you’re an accomplice in white chalk crime. You are not a teacher.

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