White House Bandwidth Focusing On Bandwidth

You’ll search in vain for a mention of Common Core in the fact sheet on today’s White House announcement on ensuring that schools have adequate bandwidth, and assessments are only mentioned twice. But ensuring bandwidth for the forthcoming Common Core assessments (something insiders have repeatedly flagged as a major implementation challenge, in a February survey only 23% of Whiteboard’s Education Insiders thought schools would have enough bandwidth and more than 80% saw this as a risk (pdf)) is a clear subtext and a big issue.

3 Replies to “White House Bandwidth Focusing On Bandwidth”

  1. Listen, it’s not just about schools. We MUST get universal connectivity into the HOMES of ALL students. It’s very simple, people. Access at school is just another thing to do “at school”, not at home and not as a part of everyday life.

    What happens in schools must happen at home and in the lifestream of kids. White, wealthy kids have no issues here but for many others, the digital life is relegated to the occasional text, if that and almost never for school.

    Someday we will all get over this obsession with “schools” and get into the lifeworld of real children.

  2. I completely agree with Jeffery. We cannot expect students to acquire all the knowledge that they need in the hours that they are in school. There has to be some self practice done at home. It would also help the parents of the students to get involve with their child’s education. We constantly complain about how we need to level the playing field for everyone as far as internet access, and availability. If we do not attempt to help our under privilege students get the resources they need at home to compete with the “Johnny Richkids” of the world. Then they will be fighting a fight they cannot win.

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