Slow To Change? Not When The Issue Is Accountability!

A common complaint is that education is too slow to change and react.  That’s arguably true in some instances but also arguably as much a benefit as a problem given some proposals for change.

Still, anyone saying education is always slow isn’t paying attention to the debate about standardized tests and accountability.  Just a few years ago we heard many people arguing that the education field isn’t against accountability, it’s just against the current batch of standardized tests.  With better tests – like the next generation Common Core ones now being developed by the two state consortia – and people will embrace accountability!  Yet now, with those tests not even deployed and any consequences at least several years away we’re already hearing calls for moratoriums, opt-outs, and other ways to dilute the impact.

Hard to argue the field is slow to the ball on this one.

2 Replies to “Slow To Change? Not When The Issue Is Accountability!”

  1. Crucially, we need better assessment, which is not coextensive with assessments, although the new tests, when they appear (and I like what I have seen so far), will help. But by no means should good student assessment be based solely on external exams, which I believe we’ve had too much of in the United States; and I applaud Texas for turning back from a testing mania that even many ardent accountability hawks were finding too extreme.

    A different approach to assessment, which informed opinion-makers like those reading this blog should be aware of, can be found in the South Pacific, where both Australia and New Zealand have put in several years worth of worthy work in developing school-based approaches to determining whether students are meeting national and state standards.

  2. I agree with the comment made about better assessment. The only way to see our progress is through assessment. I think it should be viewed through the progress the students made throughout the year and not so much focused on a final exam.

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