New Insider Out

New data from the Whiteboard Insider survey out today (pdf).  Highlights include a majority of Insiders saying that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will ultimately have to call for some sort of pause or moratorium on Common Core stakes in response to that movement.* Insiders think that some states will implement a Common Core moratorium but fewer than one in five see a federal moratorium as likely. More general concern about Common Core across a few dimensions, discussion of the Senator Grassley proposal and the RNC resolution, and for the second month in a row the “wrong track” numbers for the PARCC Common Core consortia are higher than for the SBAC one.  Administration priorities face long odds. Plus other information.

Surprisingly, despite the promise of mark-ups of ESEA reauthorization legislation (No Child Left Behind) in both the House and Senate there was little movement in the percent of Insiders saying the law will be reauthorized prior to 2015.

*The data on that slide was inadvertently flipped, we regret the error.

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