More Parent (R)Evolution

We keep hearing about how “parent trigger” is anti-teacher and about privatizing schools. Whatever you think of the trigger idea (my thoughts here) it’s hard to argue that’s happened anywhere so far where trigger legislation has been used, and especially not in the latest trigger campaign – where they’re trying to fire administrators to help the teachers.

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  1. To my knowledge, this is the first case where the parents themselves organized for a change and were not influenced by a charter company. It’s extremely significant that they have chosen to keep all the teachers.

    When parents truly have a say, they almost always support the people who choose to be with their children each day. Another good aspect is the fact that the school will not be in the hands of privatizers who will try to siphon school tax money into private pockets.

    Once these parents take over, they will likely work with teachers to choose a head teacher or principal who will serve at their pleasure. Teachers and parents in charge of a school – now that’s the kind of reform I can live with!

    California teachers might not realize that they too can apply the trigger law. If 50% of a faculty vote to turn their school into a charter, they can do it. And I hope each school in Los Angeles Unified votes to become independent of the district. It’s time for parents and teachers to be in charge. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  2. Yes, this is great news. Thanks to you, Caroline, for exposing the rampant fraud behind many, if not most, of these charter schools. At last, the press and the public are catching on. My guess is that we’ll be seeing changes in the very near future.

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