Charter School Flight To Quality?

Northeast Charter School Network President Bill Phillips on some specifics and some generalities about charter authorizing, closures, and quality.  There is something of a consensus that charter school associations, like membership groups overall, can’t be trusted to police their members effectively.  But this example and some others around the country show that the jury is still out on that question.

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  2. Regarding charter school quality, there’s an interesting article in today’s LA Times about Locke High School, one of the vaunted Green Dot charters. A couple of quotes:

    “Since last August, there has been one toilet stall — with no lock on the door — for about 315 male students.”

    “Teachers said they have repeatedly raised the issue with administrators and were told it was being taken care of. They also said teachers have been afraid to cause a fuss to avoid being perceived as adversarial to the administration.”

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