Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Solid take on what’s happening in Texas from Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey:

…Behind the scenes at the Capitol, different factions from the business community are busy lobbying on this, with one saying the marketplace demands skilled laborers who don’t necessarily want or need four-year college degrees. Another camp, veterans of No Child Left Behind, the state’s sweeping education reforms in 1980s and other fights, is trying to hold the line on standards and accountability. The debates over money and tests are important, and voters were clear about those issues…

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  1. Great catch. Another good quote:
    Even Bill Hammond, president of the Texas Association of Business and ardent supporter of rigorous testing, acknowledges that he has so far been beaten at his own game by the legislative newcomers.
    But Hammond lays the credit — or blame, from his perspective — at the feet of school superintendents who were “scaring moms” into believing that some of the new testing requirements would make it harder for their kids to get into Texas’ top public colleges.
    “When you get between a mom and entrance to (the University of Texas) for Johnny, it’s like getting between a mother lion and cubs, and that’s where the Legislature is with these women,” Hammond said.

    Those rascally educates, scaring the uneducationed moms.
    The horror, the horror.

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