The Race Is On?

Old M.O.  Largest states drove many textbook, curriculum, and assessment decisions because of their size and the desire of publishers to cater to them to achieve economies of scale.

New M.O? With everyone scrambling to design Common Core aligned curriculum the fastest states rather than the largest may end up setting the agenda because they’re out in front with materials that teachers can use.

If that proves to be the case, then keep an eye on New York, which is leading the pack on curriculum development.

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  1. I am wondering how all of this is going to pan out with the implementation of common core. Some systems are reporting that test scores have fallen drastically and that is a scary thought for Georgia considering we are already in last place with test scores. I was hoping that someone would emerge as the front runner in developing materials. I hope that New York turns out to be the one to imitate instead of shy away from. We will definitely be watching them.

  2. No publisher has had the guts to send us review copies.

    Do you use your real name or do you hide behind CCSSI Math as you have insisted on doing?

  3. Some of the things that I like about Common Core are the facts that the end-of-year assessments seem to be more aligned with performance and having students to show their knowledge through a variety of ways. The old assessments seemed to be based on rote memorization of facts and ideas. As educators, we have to shift our thinking to better prepare our students for these exams. The students will have to show more of what they know and how to apply it instead of how much they have memorized.

  4. Our system in Georgia is doing a good job of providing a lot of professional development for the roll out of these common core standards. I am pleased with the training that I have received so far. It’s more like a train-the-trainer program where we have to go back to the local schools and complete the training. I know that there are many school systems that have already completed the roll-out process and I am hearing that the scores for the assessments aren’t where we all had hoped they would be . I hope that this changes for the better as we all get more familiar with this entire process.

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