Evaluating In WA, Dodging Choices In CA, Bargaining, Residencies, Pakistan, Locked Down, Chicago, and Edujobs

BW’s Chad Aldeman takes a look at educator evaluation in Washington State for ES.  Stephen Sawchuk checks in with the MATCH teacher residency (BW client) program. Danny Rosenthal analyzes public sector collective bargaining.  Great Peter Sipe column about lockdowns and life.  Jal Mehta and Joe Doctor step up to the bar (exam). And Michael Barber on schools in Pakistan.

There is some really interesting stuff in this survey about Chicago schools.

If states don’t use Common Core as an opportunity to distill the sprawl that passes for curriculum now, not much will change.

Edujobs at New Schools for New Orleans working on human capital.  And an analyst slot covering education at CRS.

4 Replies to “Evaluating In WA, Dodging Choices In CA, Bargaining, Residencies, Pakistan, Locked Down, Chicago, and Edujobs”

  1. Question 17 is false.
    CPS is not experiencing a money shortfall.
    Question 6
    Only 31% think CPS has gotten better after over 10 years of Professional Education Reform.
    Question 33
    75% believe the CTU should be involved with improving schools and teachers.
    Question 24
    In schools where few kids are doing better on tests 37.4% say provide more resources. Only 6.4% say close the school.
    Question 23
    Teachers and parents are partners. If a student isn’t doing well, 84% say it is wrong to blame the teacher.

  2. MEanwhile, what are reformers running CPS doing today?


    Apparently officials at the Board of Education (BOE) are getting the message: The parents, educators and clergy of more than 30,000 Chicago Public School (CPS) students do not want their schools closed. Today, BOE security began erecting metal barricades around the building as thousands of people plan to rally this Wednesday in protest of CPS’ plan to shutter 50 schools and disrupt 50 others. Some have noted this is the largest school closing campaign in the history of the United States.

    and this:
    “Observe and report all information regarding possible protestors, locations, dates and times… Is the media present? Which news outlet(s)?”

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