You’d expect an organization called Common Core to be scaling up right now, and they are!  A few roles open to help with the content/curriculum side of the push for better standards.

Cleveland Transformation Alliance is seeking an executive director.

And via New Schools Venture Fund here’s a great entrepreneur in residence opportunity.

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  1. Hating on the teachers, example #298:
    (Serial liar, Michelle Rhee, of course):

    Logical Trickery: Ad Hominem and Equivocation

    In her second paragraph, Rhee characterizes the boycott in the following terms: “Some local teachers union members have decided to reject Washington state’s student assessment program, and that’s unfortunate because every great teacher knows that student assessments can be a great tool.” Within this statement, Rhee utilizes several logical “dirty tricks” that you, as a reader, should reject.
    Second, Rhee falsely characterizes the teachers’ boycott as a rejection of the Washington state student assessment program, which is factually incorrect.

    The Toledo Grifter strikes again.

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