Pre-K, Testing, And Evaluating NYC’s Evaluation Mess

Stand For Children’s* Jonah Edelman discusses pre-K in USA Today.

Fordham’s Kathleen Porter Magee throws cold water on some common myths about testing, #2 is key.  In my view there is little doubt that testing is causing distortion in schools.  But underneath the noise the key questions are, why is that happening?  And is it inherent or a byproduct of other problems? Kathleen lays that issue out well.

TNTP’s Tim Daly takes a hard look at the evaluation stalemate in New York.  I’m surprised what’s happening there hasn’t received more attention. It’s illustrative of the hard issues, constraints, and tensions underneath all the happy talk.

*BW works with Stand.

2 Replies to “Pre-K, Testing, And Evaluating NYC’s Evaluation Mess”

  1. How very interesting that the “reformers” are not enthusiastic about a strategy that can really help the children. I guess there’s little money in it.

  2. Tim Daly can’t even get his facts straight.
    Not surprising because he still believes in the Baltimore Miracle even though Michelle Rhee admits it is not true.

    Linda, here’s an article on Salon about TFA:
    Money line:

    Kopp shows some awareness of the absurdities of her own experiences—including a “fundraising schedule [that] shuttled me between two strikingly different economic spheres: our undersourced classrooms and the plush world of American philanthropy”—but she fails to grasp that this very gap is what makes her stated goal of equality unachievable.

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