Let’s Go To The Videotape!

If you missed the Bellwether event on urban school districts with Andy Smarick, Kaya Henderson, John White, and Mike Casserly you can watch the video here.  Lively and frank conversation about some tough issues and hard questions.  Busboys and Poets was a great host for the discussion and reception afterwards and CityBridge Foundation a generous sponsor.

Elsewhere, video chronology of Mission Hill School launching, will have interactive participatory elements.  Check it out.

2 Replies to “Let’s Go To The Videotape!”

  1. Did White repeat these words of wisdom:
    He’s told teachers that their professional preparation is worthless — you don’t need certification to lead a classroom. And last week, when he challenged superintendents’ published statements that more teachers are being driven in to retirement by the new assessments, he said a sizable percentage of teachers who chose to retire were some of the worst ones.
    I think the citizens of 14th Street NW are more respectable than that.

  2. Michelle Rhee Can’t Possibly Be This Stupid, Can She?
    Oh, my sweet, sweet lord:
    Q: You offered thousands of dollars to teachers and principals who brought up their schools’ test scores. Did you ever consider that it would encourage some to cheat?
    Rhee: Teachers have integrity. And if money was the motivating factor, they wouldn’t be in education.

    Michelle, if money isn’t a motivating factor for teachers, why would you offer them money to bring up test scores?!?!


    There is no way that Michelle Rhee can possibly be this dumb. It’s a trick. It’s some sort of Machiavellian trick to make us drop our guard or something. There’s just no way she’s this obtuse. She can’t be…

    Can she?

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