Bullying, Rural, SAT, And KIPP

CNN’s Anderson Cooper looks at bullying tonight (10pm ET).  You can see some preview material here.

There’s an education angle in this weather story, and a good reminder of how diverse our schools are.  You don’t hear schools like this discussed much but anyone in the education debate.

Breaking: KIPP runs schools that are really good for some students and that parents like.

In June 2012 we asked Education Insiders in the Whiteboard Survey what was next for the SAT, and 67 percent said that this change was.  Some background here on Common Core/SAT interaction.

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  1. Bullying, education reforming Alabama style:

    Meanwhile, Republicans were secretly working on a vastly different bill — knowing their discussions about the actual legislation that people could read were a sham. At best, some key Republicans were intentionally misleading in their previous conversations. At worst, they lied.

    But the Republicans not only blindsided the AEA and Democrats on Thursday, but they also blindsided Bice and all of those other education groups who had supported their proposal and who had worked with them on the legislation. So, moving forward, the Republicans will have to deal with education groups and their Democratic colleagues who would justifiably have trouble believing them.

    There is trend to advance “education reform” in anti democratic method. Up in Jersy, some charter hacks are allegeing collusion between citizens and their representatives.

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