The School District Of The Future

You’re invited to join Bellwether in Washington for a discussion/debate about Andy Smarick’s new book featuring Mike Casserly, Kaya Henderson, and John White along with Andy.

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  1. Too bad I can’t make due to concert band practice.
    Oh well.
    If anyone goes, maybe they can ask Andy, Andy, Johnny, Mikey and Kayay if this is what they want:

    – LEAP has missed AYP for two years and yet it was allowed to expand. Meanwhile, Camden public schools, which are required to serve all students, are threatened with state-run interventions or closings, and the governor makes veiled threats about taking over the entire district. Where is the consistency?

    – Somehow, the state can find $8.5 million to build a new building for LEAP, but it can’t find the money to repair the crumbling Camden schools that put children in danger every day. If there’s money to build a new charter, why isn’t there money to fix the existing public schools?

    – Has anyone looked into who financed these bonds? Were they able to take advantage of the New Markets Tax Credit available for charter expansion (I am convinced this is the most under-reproted story in education today)?

    – Right down the street, a new charter complex will rise up thanks to the intervention of South Jersey Democratic boss George Norcross. The charter will be run by KIPP, a group that has a record of previous failure in Camden. When will Camden get money to build a school that must serve ALL children and not, like KIPP, only some children?</blockquote

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    Hey JC, JC won’t you smile at me?
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  2. John White’s new website for Louisiana:

    BATON ROUGE, La. – In response to the feedback of pro-charter and reform groups, virtual school operators, and testing companies, the Louisiana Department of Education today announced a complete overhaul of its website. The website’s URL has changed to, reflecting the state’s comprehensive plan to ensure every student is fleeced for the maximum state funding before they track to prison or an exciting chicken plucking career. With the change comes a redesign of the entire website with the goal of making navigation through the site easier, by eliminating all useful or historical content. The Department tailored the changes to address concerns that the old site was too revealing and contained accurate information that contradicted pithy press releases like this one. The new site reflects the premise of Louisiana Believes Anything. Based on this discovery, our true bosses expect high profit margins from warehousing students and incessant testing. Empowering charter operators and testing companies to charge exorbitant fees that can be kicked back to fund political campaigns and candidates favorable to this agenda is key to the success of the Louisiana Believes Anything mantra.
    “As part of our commitment to providing clear, concise information to help families and educators make informed decisions, we redesigned our website to ensure virtual visitors can find useless information and photos of me with my sleeves rolled up handing out giant fake checks, quickly and efficiently,” said State Superintendent of Education John White. “Rather than an expansive list of programs and regulations, which we have discontinued in favor of hiring more PR folks and lawyers to fend off legal challenges to our draconian policies, the new site focuses on distracting visitors from the lack of support for true student achievement.”

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