Parent Triggered! And Two New Blogs

It’s hard not to be pleased for the parents at Desert Trails Elementary School in Adelanto, California, especially given the ins and outs of their efforts to change things at their school.  The Adelanto parents succeeded in their parent trigger efforts yesterday.  The group Parent Revolution has supported them and that’s been important to the on the ground capacity to be diligent about this. But it also raises the question of what happens when 50 or 100 schools try this, at once? Is the capacity there to support them, or does this have the potential to be a recipe for chaos if it catches fire?  (Especially if people decide to DIY and eschew established providers/managers).

Two new edublogs: Gates Foundation’s (and all around thoughtful analyst) Stacey Childress has one now. You can read Thinking Out Loud here.  And Huffie Joy Resmovits is now blogging, too.  You can read that one here.

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  1. Seems wrong that this came about because of 53 voting parents in a school of several hundreds

  2. I especially liked the comments section in the Adelanto story link. Each of the “Top Commenters” had serious issues with English grammar. Hey, maybe they are the experts on failing schools after all.

    I can’t wait for the day a 51% majority comprised of Christianists, err, “concerned parents”, takes over a school. I am totally sure nothing could go wrong.

  3. Is this a “hair” trigger.

    Can taxpayers immediately vote to overturn the trigger?

    Is there an established wait period?

    One would think we could sink into a mire of chaos with “trigger in” and “trigger out”.

    What financial indemnity will the charter provider demand in terms of contract length and guaranteed buyout if they are “triggered out”?

    SInce this school was a low performing, program improvement school, do they maintain that status with all required improvement plans or do they get a fresh start?

    How long does the new school get to fix things before they will be held to account for results.

  4. Benefit shouldn’t be taken for granted and hats off to the “Parent Revolution” carried out so well. Education sector need such help to grow and one can get those through ones efforts and well determined approach.

  5. About the only good thing about teaching overseas, the experience and being able to say that you lived abroad. But don’t expect to make a living doing it. Thankfully my husband has a full time job.

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