LA Story – Teacher Evaluations and NewTLA?

Los Angeles teacher Michael Stryer takes a look at teachers union changes in the Washington Post.  He’s right about the demographic changes but because of how elections work in some unions those changes don’t manifest themselves in union elections so quickly.  There is a reason the teachers union in New York, for instance, has such a robust presence in sunny Florida.

In LA, keep an eye on this new teacher evaluation deal forced by a judge’s order.  If you believe that something needs to be done on evaluation but the state of play should engender some uncertainty from all “sides”  (see here, here, and here for instance) then there is room for something interesting to happen in LA.

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    I have worked with Dr. Deasy on this issue and think he is on the right track. When he refers to test scores he does not just mean the standardized tests. These can be tests that teachers create to give pre-teaching the unit and then to give it post. He wants to make sure we see progress in all students. With this in mind I can support this initiative because as teachers we should all be striving for improvement but realize if I have a student reading 3 years below grade level I can hope I can move that child 1 level but he/she may or may not ace a test that is on grade level. Teacher evaluation needs to be a tool we use to help each other become better at what we do. I am happy to see that part of Mike’s policy team’s policy is found in this new agreement. Thank you Dr. Deasy

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