Veterans Day Links

Contemporary: Here’s Eric Greitens on returning veterans and education today.  Teach For America has a new initiative for veterans. And Here’s one that I’m especially fond of (involves fly fishing).

Evergreen: The annual RTD editorial. And, of course, a poem.

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  1. Ahem. DoD did TROOPS TO TEACHERS.

    They subsidized the pay of new teachers in math and science to the tune of 10K for three years.

    How do I know this. A former airdale buddy of mine ran the California program. What were the results?

    Only 2 in 10 retired military in math and science stuck it out past four years. In order to get the ten thousand they had to commit to at least three years.

    So, TFA is doing absolutely nothing new, and in fact I bet you they will get WORSE RESULTS. Adopting my more cynical attitude, as I did with contractors on my boat in the yards, Wendy’s TFA needs a good polishing. She knows it has gained the reputation as a cleverly concealed attack dog on teachers.

    Wendy is going to wrap herself in the flag. How inspiring.

  2. To finish my story: Where did all of the retired military go when they fled teaching?

    They went to higher paying, more autonomous jobs working for military contractors or local, state, or federal governments.

    Imagine, if you will, the expense to local taxpayers for training these guys and gals. THE EXPENSE!

  3. The Troops to Teachers program became a holding tank, not a rubber room, for really smart guys and gals who had one eye on the door the entire time. They spent four years filling out applications and keeping an eye on ALL interesting job openings. Then, poof, they were gone.

    A fishing analogy that R can appreciate is that first freshet of water that send those silver bright steelhead shooting up the Sacramento River. They have NO intention of staying where they are. They pay it little attention.

    Now, THAT is education reform!

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