NSVF Meets WaPo Date Lab

Maybe it was the focus on the election?  The approaching storm?  I haven’t had power for three days? Or I was in the woods all weekend before that and not reading much news.  In any event, surprisingly little attention to this edublockbuster: New Schools Venture Fund policy honcho Ben Riley featured in The Washington Post’s Date Lab! Date Lab is a fun blind date feature the paper runs weekly on Sundays in the magazine. Reading it you will learn of Riley’s “obsession” with Alaska.  He uses the word “fetching.” And he’s into Chris Isaak (a great live act if you haven’t had the chance).  They pair him up with a lovely woman who works in education and is a paddler.  Not a bad match!  You can read the entire episode, including dinner at the solid DC fresh seafood stop Pesce here.  High ratings for the date from both.

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