Teacher Fellowship And Teacher Survey

Hope Street is accepting applications for their teacher fellowship through 10/31.  Great opportunity. Questions to Wendy Uptain via this email.

If you live in Alaska and your work is not featured on a reality TV show you might be doing something wrong.  If you’re a teacher and you haven’t been surveyed lately the same might be true?  The newest teacher survey is  from TeachPlus (pdf).  Released today. This one is self-response (non-random) so take the results with a grain of salt, nonetheless still interesting if you follow these issues.

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  1. I have a few concerns about this survey.

    1. With a non- probability sample the only inferences that can be made are regarding those responding to the survey. The results are not generalizable to the greater teacher workforce because not all of the teachers had a probability of being selected to complete the survey.

    2. The survey was complete online by distributed the link via social media. Using this method eliminates those teachers without internet access and social media accounts. Furthermore, I think teachers with social media accounts and online access may have different opinions from those that are not heavy internet users.

    3. The methodology section report does not include a copy of the survey. There always is error associated with poor question wording or misunderstandings. Without a copy of the survey and description on how these questions were developed, the level of measurement error is unknown.

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