David Coleman, Indy Schools, More Chicago, Less Waiver Accountability, More Vouchers, Overlooked States And Edujobs!

Big day at Ed Nation this morning with President Obama and Governor Romney on tap. You can watch live online.

David Coleman is profiled in The Atlantic.  In Indy they’re debating different visions of what to do about the schools.*   New York Times looks at teachers unions and Republicans.  Surprise! They’ll work with anyone who can help them. So they look like an interest group, act like an interest group…

Some really interesting and counter-narrative results in this year’s Education Next survey (pdf).

From Chicago, more on having teachers contract negotiations in public.  My take on that issue here via TIME.

More No Child waiver back and forth. US Chamber of Commerce registers its concerns as does George Miller, ranking Democrat on the House committee handing education – he’s concerned about graduation rate accountability.  Related: State Departments of Education – big leverage point not a lot of focus on them.  New CRPE* paper takes a look.

Vouchers going viral? A few years ago I was told clearly by the Century Foundation and others that this would not happen! But Sean Cavanagh takes a look at the landscape.

Today’s edujobs brought to you by the letter E:

At ETS they are looking for a Senior Research Scientist/Associate Director, Center for Research on Human Capital and Education.  Pay commensurate with number of words in the title.

At EDI they need an engagement manager to support their work with states.

*I’m a fellow at CRPE and on the board of the Indy Mind Trust.

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