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In the next “Education Insider” survey some data on Common Core in light of Mitt Romney’s remarks and attention to conservative pushback about the common state standards effort. Here’s a preview of one item (pdf).  When asked whether the inclusion of Common Core in the Democratic Party platform (the document discusses the President’s challenge to states and encouragement for Common Core adoption) this year helps or hurts the Common Core 78 percent of insiders said it will hurt the effort.

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  1. Let’s bring attention to another set of Romney’s remarks:

    AUDIENCE QUESTION 4 (cont’d): If I could just say one thing, in New York City ,the parents here support the union to protect our kids 3-1 over the mayor and the chancellor. That’s a recent poll.

    So, to say that the unions are holding back our kids, as a parent and as parents in polls said, the opposite. They believe that actually the unions are fighting for our kids and that a lot of the reform has been holding back our kids and against our kids and that this is not — this is not me. This is coming from a poll of parents.

    ROMNEY: I don’t believe —

    AUDIENCE QUESTION 4 (cont’d): In Chicago —

    ROMNEY: I don’t believe it for a minute. I don’t believe it for a minute.

    Andy applauds that line.
    As does Rahm.
    So another millionaire tells us parents don’t know what the hell they are talking about.
    Parents must be relieved to have Andy on their left holding their hand and Mitt of the right.

  2. Well, it’s very easy to find out who is right. Just look in our classrooms. Who is working to give our children the best education possible: union members or “reformers”? Who is willing to DO the job instead of just talking about it?

    Yes, the answer is obvious and parents know it. And so do the grandparents, neighbors, relatives and friends of students everywhere.

    It isn’t easy being a schoolteacher. It takes a willingness to do a very challenging job for modest pay and even less prestige, but there are many selfless men and women ready and able to meet the challenge. Soon these American heroes, along with soldiers, firefighters, police, public sector nurses and physicians, social workers and other of Romney’s “dependents” will once again be recognized for their sacrifices for this country.

    What educational “reform” is really about is gaining access to educational tax dollars. If you are siphoning off education tax dollars without providing direct services to children, YOU are the one who is hurting the life chances of other people’s children. Do something to help: become a teacher and dedicate your life to the nation’s young. If you would like to teach, but are unable to do so, support the people who do the job.

  3. Thanks, Attorney. When push comes to shove, as it inevitably will, parents and other citizens will support the people who are actually WITH the children, just as they did in Chicago.

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