Generational Burden & Edujobs, And Reality Check On Bandwidth

Interesting new paper on this issue of generational burden and investment from CAP and The Center for the Next Generation.  Survey, too.

Denver Post with a reality check on ed tech access.  And don’t miss Eva Moskowitz on diversity in The Times.

DSST in Denver is hiring for a CFO and also for a Director of Development.

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  1. Ms. Moscowitz has a strong argument to make on behalf of diversity in our schools. I truly believe she’s right: there’s an enormous potential market for diverse, academically excellent school, and insofar as they can gain access to public funding via approved charters, vouchers, or other schemes, there will be far more of them, and they will be socioeconomically diverse, rather than merely racially and ethnically diverse. Therefore it is in the interest of the public to promote such schools. One that my trustees and I have proposed is One World Secondary School, which fulfills the last three years of a world-class nine year comprehensive education in a manner similar to schools in Finland and South Korea, among other places, and which has been working hard to make itself available to as mixed a populace as possible.

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