Evalpalooza! New Teacher Evaluation Analysis From Bellwether

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you know that since 2009 more than 20 states have made significant changes to their teacher or principal evaluation systems.  In a new analysis out today Bellwether takes a deeper look at 21 of them along a set of common dimensions.  This builds on the smaller analysis of high-profile states we released last year. Some big stories embedded in all this – questions about how the moving parts all fit together, for instance many states have new evaluation policies but still use “last in/first out” for layoffs.  And big implementation challenges.

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  1. Come on over to my side of the SF bay.

    Take ONE look at the tenured science faculty.

    LOADS of gray hair.

    Watch the boob tube. LOADS of gray hair.

    Using the edu-blob logic, we NEED NEW BLOOD.

    Our news is awful. Our coverage is awful.

    Roll out the old and bring in the new.

    We need NEW THINKING.

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