Are You Now, Or Have You Ever, Thought Something Nice About Mitt Romney?

New York Times with an interesting story today about an effort to push back on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education policies and Students First New York by linking them to…Mitt Romney!  OK, it’s absurd on its face and even the Times story can’t hide that but it also seems a little off key.  In the new “Education Insider” survey coming in public form later today the bipartisan group of insiders gives both Romney and President Obama a solid “B” for their handling of education while in office.  And on the question of who would be better on key reform priorities Obama actually gets better marks…

Update:  DFER makes the point that the teachers unions send dough to Republicans, too.

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  1. Update on DFER:

    Just How Many Democrats For Education Reform-Supported Politicians Have Been Brought Down By Scandal Or Criminal Charges?
    With news that State Senator John Sampson will be indicted this week on corruption charges, I got to wondering just how many powerful New York State politicians with connections to the vaunted DFER movement have been brought low by scandal or criminal probe.

    Considering that the money that funds the Democrats for Education Reform comes from the Wall Street criminal class and hedge fund managers/tax dodgers, it’s perhaps not such a surprise that the DFER’s tainted money eventually ends up supporting crooked politicians.

    Here’s a partial list of politicians supported by the Democrats For Education Reform who have either gone down on criminal charges or scandal. Note too that some of the people on this list have also been supported by the UFT and/or the NYSUT:

    Eliot Spitzer (Troopergate, hooker scandal)

    David Paterson (witness tampering, perjury)

    Malcolm Smith (bribery, corruption scandal)

    Vito Lopez (sexual harassment scandal)

    John Sampson (bribery, corruption scandal)

    Antoine Thompson (pay to play scandal)

    William Boyland (bribery scandal, acquitted on that scandal, arrested weeks later in another bribery scandal)

    Pedro Espada (tax evasion conviction, assorted other scandals)

    Carl Kruger (guilty plea in corruption case; currently serving seven years in prison.)


    That’s some list – two former governors, six current or former state senators (three of whom were in leadership positions), one assemblyman, and one former Kings County Democratic chairman.

    And of course the Albany corruption probes are continuing and may bring down other politicians before all is said and done as well.

    The next time you hear the DFER’s talk about how corrupt and corrosive an influence the teachers union is, remember just who the DFER’s support politically and financially.

    Quite frankly, considering the tainted Wall Street and hedge fund sources for the Democrats for Education Reform PAC money that they’re using to support all these crooked politicians the DFER’s ought to change their motto to: CROOKS FOR CROOKS.

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