E akahele Hawaii! But Does Enforcement Matter?

Hawaii is under some scrutiny for its Race to the Top application, which was a slick production that has led to implementation challenges and put the state’s grant at risk. It’s also led to a lot of grumbling about the competition. But there is other data, too. The state’s new assessment results are in and continue to climb. That led Secretary of Ed Arne Duncan to give cautious encouragement in the local media.  Obviously, interested parties will want to visit the state next winter for a thorough examination.  But for now the narrative is not as tidy as it was.

Elsewhere – and unrelated to Hawaii specifically – former US DOE and Pennsylvania official Gene Hickok says that the threat of federal enforcement on elementary and secondary programs is overrated.

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  1. That’s great for the public schools. Sadly, the charters in Hawaii aren’t doing so well. “The main points highlighted in the damning audit are that Hawaii’s Charter School Review Panel fails to hold charter schools accountable for student performance while allowing the schools to avoid complying with state law and principles of public accountability.” http://www.educationnews.org/education-policy-and-politics/hawaii-charter-school-system-slammed-in-audit/

    Meanwhile, the Sun continues to rise in the east.

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