Customization, Good For Kids But Also Good For Public Education Politics?

Friday’s David Brooks column and Sunday’s single-gender article from AP both share a theme – customization.  It’s vital given different student needs and different parental desires.  To a large extent those with means can find customization if they want it through choice of where to live, choice of schools, or even options like homeschooling.  And they tend to become fiercely loyal to their choice as a result.  So why wouldn’t we want to (a) give lower-income parents the same options via the public sector and in the process (b) build their loyalty toward the public system so they want to support it politically when it comes to questions of funding and so forth?

2 Replies to “Customization, Good For Kids But Also Good For Public Education Politics?”

  1. As usual, Brooks is just babbling about what he knows not. Please, spare us any more of his obnoxious and ill-informed rants. He isn’t writing about customization, Brooks his writing about his own fantasies–as per usual.

  2. I can get my burger customized. So I want my education customized. I want my freeways customized. I want my civil rights customized. I want…….

    I thought the ONLY thing this country guaranteed was the OPPORTUNITY. I guess conservatives are now afraid of the simple fact that intelligent people have distilled the past forty years of conservative thought (in the hundreds of millions of pages and pounds of publications) into one simple idea: Every man for himself.

    And so now, they have teamed with the bee-eater Michelle Rhee to sue on behalf of students who cannot read. We now sue for outcomes in this country. Who ever would have thought this day would have arrived.

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