Three Friday Teacher Articles – And An Edujob

Does teacher effectiveness vary when teachers change schools? CALDER takes a look at the data.  Want to know a  reason Teach For America attracts so much vitriol – here’s one via a well-done Stateline article.

Sawchuk continues to turn in great work on what happens after the chattering class moves on.

Great edujob at ACT (Bellwether client).

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  1. From the TFA article:

    But Jeremy Ly, running for the Illinois House, says his experience teaching in a charter school with high teacher turnover underscored that more alternatives aren’t necessarily the answer. He takes pride in having helped start the first union for charter school teachers in Chicago. Ly says his background would help him bring together teachers unions and those, like Bryan, who see unions as part of the problem. “I know the language of both and I can sit down with both.”

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