Teacher Evals In New York…Still Going…

Keep an eye on Albany today, closing hours and they’re still debating teacher evaluations with different views about what should happen/needs to happen:  Daily News here, NY Post is here.  Some background here.

Update:  Going no longer, resolution at last.

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  1. Greece, NY Middle School students with less than exemplary behaviour:

    The video, shot on a bus in Greece, N.Y., records four Grade 7 boys peppering the grandmother with insults; calling her fat, taunting her for sweating and asking her if she has a sexually transmitted disease. Ms. Klein tries to ignore the taunts but at one point in the video she breaks down in tears.

    Officials from the Greece Central School District said they had seen the “troubling” 10-minute video and notified the local police who were conducting an investigation.


  2. I am appalled by the conduct of these students (but not surprised). From my days teaching (before I left the profession to become an attorney), I was continually startled by the outright rude and disrespectful behavior that so many students demonstrated against school personnel, including teachers and even the principal.

    Lack of discipline and lack of consequences imposed for student misbehavior by school administrators (in schools I worked in) has, in my opinion, contributed to this situation. In my opinion, there has been a real erosion of a school’s power to address student misbehavior over the last several decades. This erosion in school authority has likely been caused by political forces, parent apathy/approval, and changes in laws that have made it harder to discipline students (especially students covered by special education protections).

    In light of the above, I honestly think that until we address the rampant issue of student misbehavior in our nation’s schools, we will never make any true headway in the area of school reform.

  3. Assemblyman Steven F. McLaughlin, a Republican from the capital region whose wife is a kindergarten teacher, predicted that parents would post the teacher data they receive on the Internet for all to see.

    … “It seems like we’ve got the torches and the pitchforks and we’re coming after the teaching profession.”

    Well, if teachers don’t like it, they can always quit.

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