Get Your School Board On!

Next Tuesday the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is hosting a 1/2 day meeting on school boards and the role of business groups with them.  Speakers include:

Kelly Brough, President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Anne Bryant, Executive Director, National School Board Association, Sandy Kress, Senior Counsel, Adkin Gump; Fellow, Education Policy, George W. Bush Institute, Don McAdams, Chairman and Founder, Center for Reform of School Systems, Cheryl Oldham, Vice President, Institute for a Competitive Workforce, Andrew Rotherham, Co-Founder, Bellwether Education Partners, Margaret Spellings, President, Institute for a Competitive Workforce; Senior Advisor, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Juan Williams, Journalist and Political Analyst, Fox News Channel.

Registration if free and is via this link.

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