EduCycling And EduRunning – For A Cause


In August Bill Phillips of NYCSA and I are riding the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  We’ll ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown in Massachusetts.

Cancer touches all of us in various ways and impacts loved ones and colleagues.  If you’re interested in supporting our efforts – 100 percent of rider-raised revenue goes directly to Dana-Farber’s Jimmy Fund – then you can learn more and donate to my ride via this link and to Bill’s ride via this link.  Contributions are 100 percent tax deductible.

If cycling is not your thing you can run the NYC Marathon for LinkEd.  Last year several Eduwonk readers joined their team and you can, too.

2 Replies to “EduCycling And EduRunning – For A Cause”

  1. Edu-reform is not only a taxpayer funded lucrative career but now it is also recreation.

    Is there NO end to this nonsense?

    Do we have anyone in this country anymore that can do math or physics?

    How many more Ivey journalists do we need?

    To whom do we export their research trash? Who buys it? What is it worth?

  2. Get off the bike . Get in the classroom. No nuke officer was off riding a bike. They were on the boat, working.

    So, the Doug Ryan model is A-OK in the world of edu-reform. BS your way to the top and lie about your qualifications. He was asked to step down, politely. He was not summarily fired after a full and public investigation. That is what would have happened in the Navy.

    Or how about he NCTQ saying CA’s content exams are trivial.

    I would suggest your army get off the bike, get out of the boardroom and pass the tests.

    I went on line, looked at the release questions, worked the problems, and in my estimation they are rock solid.

    But, what do we have? A bunch of big mouthed liberal arts/know it alls screaming for change.

    We now have experts who are not experts in their fields. I am not talking about teachers. I am talking about their leaders.

    Exactly WHAT are the qualifications of a edu-reform expert other than spite, anger, incoherence, and a touch of writing ability?

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