Ed Week Looks At Ed Advocacy, Kronholz At A-Net, EP @ 10K, Where Are They Now…You Should Be Taking A Kid Outside

Ed Week takes a multi-pronged look at new education advocacy groups, solid overview of the landscape and more to come.  Pat McGuinn takes a look at the same, a breaks a bit of news.

After yesterday’s important speech by New York Chancellor Dennis Walcott you sure get the sense that resolution of the “absent teacher reserve” issue is now one of when and how, not if.

Where are they now?  Here’s the renegade Ohio school choice mom Kelly Williams-Bolar edition.  No one wants to work in education?  Ed Pioneers hits 10K applicants.  Mark Nadel proposes a ‘rate my teacher’ style online approach – but one with a long view.

And June Kronholz takes a look at A-Net in Ed Next.

In case you missed it, student loans are a problem but there is a lot of hype, too.  And the weather is supposed to be great this weekend, so take a kid fishing.

Want to help raise money for cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute?  Bill Phillips and I are working on that in our spare time by riding the Pan Mass Challenge and you can help us.

Disc – BW works with A-Net and I’m a board member for EP.

3 Replies to “Ed Week Looks At Ed Advocacy, Kronholz At A-Net, EP @ 10K, Where Are They Now…You Should Be Taking A Kid Outside”

  1. Hey R,

    Education Pioneers are BUREAUCRATS. They are NOT math and physics teachers in the trenches attempting to teach and implement the latest, greatest hair brained scheme from the edu-reform bureaucracy.

    I said it here first: Edu-reform is BOOMING BUSINESS. Teaching is right now bottom of the barrel stuff. It has a profound adverse selection problem. And you and your posse simply have no good ideas in that direction.

    Shall we continue in your present direction: Loads of public bad news about teaching. Scant praise or recognition. Public threats of humiliation. Low pay and benefits. That ought to attract the top drawer talent!

    I have nothing against Stanford MBAs. But they are NOT physics or math teachers IN classrooms. We do not meed more admirals. We need more dial twisters on subs.

  2. How can any reasonable person, reading this stuff on edu-reform, not see complete chaos, incoherence, and bad thinking masquerading as innovation?

    Is there a sane person in this mess of edu-reform? What would happen to our country if we unleashed this legion of idiots on our military?

    These people are reckless. And their motives are entirely selfish and political. I will trade the guaranteed to fail edu-reform model for the public schools, for the individual information failure of a parent in choosing a school for their child.

    Choice may be the only thing that can fix this mess. This nation needs to get rid of ALL of it education bureaucracy both private and public.

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