Hacking Education

The Times takes a look at Joel Klein, NewsCorp, and education. Reading between the lines what the story really shows is how much the personal becomes the political in education.

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  1. The response, drafted by Mr. Klein and the company’s general counsel, Gerson A. Zweifach, dismissed the personal jabs at Mr. Murdoch as “unjustified and highly partisan,” but also acknowledged that the company’s response to wrongdoing in Britain had been “too slow and too defensive.”

    Nothing on News Corp engaging in the behaviour they did, behaviour such as hacking into a dead girl’s cell phone and misleading her parents to believe she was alive.
    As is using the case, lying is worse than the criminal behaviour.

  2. One of the most humorous articles I’ve read in a long time. Ah, the schadenfreude of it all. ““It wasn’t just ‘Oh, by the way, let’s get into schools.’ This is something that’s very important to Murdoch, or Joel wouldn’t have done it,” said a longtime friend of Darth Klein’s, Barbara Walters.” Um, yeah.

    Can I interest someone in purchasing a dead girl’s phone messages? Anyone? Bueller?

    Murdoch? Sold! to Emperor Palpatine of Australia.

  3. “what the story really shows is how much the personal becomes the political in education”? Klein was hired to work on education. Instead, he’s become one of Murdoch’s closest personal advisors, working to keep a lid on an enormous scandal. Stating this fact is neither political nor personal, unless you believe that Klein should be exempt from criticism.

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