Whitmire Can See For Miles

Richard Whitmire checks in on Mike Miles and Dallas (plus new book preview!).

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  1. And from the opinion piece, this bit of witticism from Richard Whitmire:
    Then there’s the firebrand reformer, which brings Michelle Rhee to mind. Rhee correctly figured out she didn’t have a lot of time to fix the very troubled schools in Washington, D.C., so she did everything at once: closing schools, firing ineffective teachers. Anyone who got in the way — unions or the City Council — got head-slapped.That, too, can work. Washington schools truly are better as a result of the Rhee reforms. Problem is, everyone’s so dizzy from the head slaps they don’t feel as if things improved.

  2. From my perspective Rhee is no leader.

    She was a stage actor. She did her bit part and left before the things got too rough.

    The military is honest. The feedback and results are so immediate for those in command that they cannot stand around with brooms appearing in some pulp magazine.

    Rhee now says she is NOT a teacher basher. I have several simple question for her. What did the picture mean? Was it a professional act? Why did you let them take it? Why does a leader stand around with a broom in their hand with a frown on their face? What public image would a reasonable person think that picture would send.

    Expect from Ms. Rhee a 50 page executive summary.

    Ms. Rhee. You have the stage. Answer the doggone questions. And do it succinctly and with a tone of personal accountability.

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