The Boston Red Sox are opening their season in Detroit today.  It’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 4th as I write this.  I’ll send a free book from Harvard Education Press to the first person who can correctly identify the education reform leader with a sister who sells beer at Fenway Park during Red Sox games. Fine print: Employees of this person’s organization are ineligible.

Update: It’s over! Allie Kimmel with the win.

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  1. Damon is not who I was thinking of but email confirmation that shows that and you can win, too. Another hint: This person – the Fenway beer seller – has a day job as a speech therapist in a school.

  2. Keep the guesses coming and I’ll respond when I see a correct one. It’s not Goldstein Gone Wild or any other Goldstein for that matter. But, another hint, Goldstein did have dinner with this person Monday night…

  3. My sister drinks beer at Red Sox games, doesn’t sell it.

    Wait a minute. I don’t have a sister. But if I did, that’s what she would do. And she wouldn’t be a speech therapist. She’d be a retired supermodel.

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