Texas Math Problem, ESEA, Lemons, WI Survey Wars, And Threading A Needle In NY? And Edujobs!

So let me get this straight.  On the campaign trail Texas Governor Rick Perry made a big deal of Texas’ desire to stay out of Common Core, go its own way,  yippie ki-ya and all that, etc…And now, with the state trying to do its own standards it’s all blowing up and even the Common Core opponents (including Ze’ev Wurman who has no use for Common Core) are saying that Common Core is preferable to what Texas is up to now.  Is this their first rodeo? Good summation via this letter from Bill Hammond opposing the new standards.  And Usually Reliable Robelen writes it up here.

Couple of takeaways.  First, obviously, the irony is too rich. But more seriously this shows how the usual state method of establishing standards leads to the unteachable hash we see in many places now. Common Core’s development process was a helpful buffer against that.


Whiteboard has a side-by-side on the House and Senate ESEA bills that also includes the administration’s ideas and waivers.  Didn’t have time to catch every state of the state address?  NGA rolls ’em up for you in a policy mash up.  Want to know how charter schools are doing in FL from a primary source rather than Twitter? Then check out the state’s annual report.

From Wisconsin it’s survey wars.  Governor and the teachers union going back and forth on what survey data show.  And from Tom Vander Ark it’s computer on man action.  In New York a lot of speculation that Governor Cuomo will give the teachers unions what they want on the public disclosure of evaluations issue.  Over at Atlantic they’re talking education.

Hello Dalai! You can follow along with the Dalai Lama’s Hawaii visit (which has an ed component) via this link.

Pensions are a mess in Illinois.  Michael Jonas takes a sober look at online learning in MA.

Take lemons and make Lemonade Day!

Educators – Charter school leadership fellowships in TN.

4 Replies to “Texas Math Problem, ESEA, Lemons, WI Survey Wars, And Threading A Needle In NY? And Edujobs!”

  1. and an all-out effort by teachers who routinely work 12 hours a day, six days a week, and take calls from students until 9:30 every night.

    As soon as we get a single metric of accuracy for all of the BS slingers in the blogospehre this country is going nowhere.

    Mr. R, everyone knows that opinion pieces and your line of work are entirely unaccountable. Opinions take months to check and years for their impact to be felt. There is no feedback loop that acts rapidly enough to FIND THE LIARS.

    And so our country is pushed to the brink of failure by the torrent of lame ideas and even more unreliable data. And this frenzy of bad thinking is stoked by journalists. These goof balls were the hangers-on at university, and the leeches who just stood around the rest of us studying science and mathematics.

    And now that these moochers skulk around the internet repeating reams of unsubstantiated horse manure the problem is even more of a national security threat.

    I challenge you and Ms. Koop to work that schedule.

    I dare you. Man up, and do it. That schedule is more arduous than what my nuclear sailors worked. And they make nearly twice what you want to pay a teacher.

    The tide is turning already against the sheer nuttiness of your reform movement. It is a religion.

  2. Education leadership means high middle class earnings, influence, name recognition,and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

    They are now the new unaccountable education work force.

    The war is over for teachers. They lost. They have been culturally demoted. The damage that this has done to education in this country will not be seen for at least ten years. And by that time, Rotherham will have moved on to another crisis and this blog will be gone. There will absolutely no way to hold any of the education leadership accountable.

    They have only two choices: Stay or get out.

    No real leader ever thought that he or she could achieve good results when his or her subordinates were thinking of only those two options.

  3. Love, love, love the Mess in Tex. Who could have imagined? Maybe the rest of the country will finally cut Texas loose from its dominance in the text and curriculum department. Come to think of it, just go all the way with secession–it’s what Perry wants. But we keep NASA HQ and move it to Colorado.

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