Rhode Island Math, Colorado Transparency, And New Jersey Edujobs

In Rhode Island Michael MaGee does the math.  In Douglas County, Colorado they’re negotiating in public and discussing some interesting ideas.

Reason to believe? Interesting school turnaround jobs in New Jersey.

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  1. Hello,

    When I woke from a lifetime of dreaming, the struggle of present day America and, closer to home, the great Garden State of New Jersey, were playing loud and clear – as if MP3s of where we’ve been and where we are headed have been downloaded and play continuously in my psyche.

    After getting past my anger, guilt and remorse, I put on a cloak of responsibility. The only way to affect positive change is to become part of the solution. Education is the way. Education is the one sure path to recovery. I want to give my energy and attention to education with the purpose of leading this state and this great nation to a brighter and stronger reality. America needs leaders to once again be a leader. New Jersey needs the same.

    Best regards,
    Nancy Belford

  2. Another “expert” in math who is a journalist, blogger, and big mouthed edu-reformer.

    Does the nonsense never end in the edu-reform movement?

    Get a degree in math and an advance degree and then you can have a seat at the table.

  3. To Ms. Carroll,

    I agree. Pay math and science folks more. They do more in one day to increase the productivity of this nation than you have done in your entire life of journalism.

    It is doubtful that you will get engineering folks into the classroom unless their skills are outdated. And they can be had at current market rates. No premium is needed.

    But if you want that ‘bright”, fresh out of engineering school, that is NOT going to happen.

    The pay will have to be 2.5 times what you will offer. Any wage savings will be lost immediately to S and D forces.

    Good try. But until districts pony up the cash for the bright one, they will only talk about it. This is a negotiating trick on their part.

    Besides, look at them. Big fat stipend, big fat health benefits, and pretty much lifetime tenure and political career building opportunities.

    Also look at the district office in Denver. Loads of pencil twiddlers, waiting for retirement, earning 6 figures, and old as the hills. Heck, all the do all day long is attempt to spike their retirements.

    If you want to pay select math and sciences people more, then do this: Cut the pay of the school board. Cut the pay of the administrators. Cut the pay of the superintendent.

    Simple to do.


    Sounds like free market discipline to me.

    It works that way at the university lab where I work. I makes 1.5 time what the HRD twiddler makes.

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