NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, And Eduwonking

Wildcat: Did you know Kentucky’s Anthony Davis went to a charter school in Chicago?  And in NY Deborah Kenny’s team won the Charter School Athletic Association championship (there is no state charter championship per se).  You’ll want to keep an eye out for her new book later this year.

Tom Edsall takes a look at college education and voting behavior, historically and implications now.  Sandra Stotsky looks at reading and schools of ed.  NSNO’s (BW client) Neerev Kingsland takes an interesting look at value-added data.  And Memphis Blues again?

Interesting story out of Milwaukee on class size and pay.  Apparently the teachers union leader there worked hard behind the scenes with leaders from both parties but was unable to get this gambit done.

Here’s an interesting Facebook password privacy case involving an educator.

Meanwhile, we have a national high school graduation rate in the 70s, the low 6os for minority kids, 8 percent of low-income kids getting a BA by age 24, etc..etc…and we’re arguing about whether or not we have a serious education problem?  Helpful!  I can’t wait for the feature about how healthy and fiscally responsible Americans actually are.

Fun time at last night’s Monday Night Football Askwith Forum at HGSE. Video via this link.  And there are Harvard Ed Casts with the participants.  The Daly Brothers on Pigskin Pedagogy and NFL free agent cornerback and NFL Players Association President Domonique Foxworth on lifelong learning.  Special thanks to the Minnesota Vikings for making Brendan Daly available during a busy time of the year.

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  1. Of course the education crisis is in large part, a media and right-wing creation. Is that really arguable? And as a matter of fact, Americans live longer, healthier lives now than at any time in our history. The 1983 report on American education was a hatchet job, done at the behest of political operatives of the Reagan Administration. Listen, if you think otherwise, you have bought and drunk the kool-aid. Myths and myth-making didn’t stop when the Middle Ages came to an end–there are modern myths and the failure of American education is one of them.

  2. From the Milwaukee story:

    “Over the course of the last several weeks, I have spoken with hundreds of MTEA members about this issue,” Bob Peterson, MTEA president, said in a statement. “I heard again and again from members, especially those with outstanding student loans, who said that as a result of financial sacrifices they have already made to the district, they simply could not make the kind of additional contributions that were proposed.”

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