Feedback And Feedback!

Two to check out today:

David Brooks on learning and policy feedback.  Worth reading.  Although even where the lessons are obvious they’re not always heeded.

Rick Hess on philanthropy.

3 Replies to “Feedback And Feedback!”

  1. The responses Brooks got kind of closes this case–if you read them. The “Case of the Pundit too Lazy to Learn from His Own Stupidity”. I do believe David Brooks could give Nigel Incubator-Jones of Henley serious competition this year for third place in the Upper Class Twit of the Year Contest. I say third place because I very much doubt if David could win all the points running over the cut out of Lady Sarah Pencil Farthing Vivian Streamroller Adams Pie Biscuit Aftershave Gore Stringbottom Smith–he just doesn’t have the mad road skillz he used to.

  2. Let’s experiment with YOUR child’s education. Let’s experiment with the nuclear power generation plant NEAR your house. Let’s experiment with waste water treatment in YOUR town. Let’s experiment with relaxed air quality in YOUR CITY.

    I think the point is clear. The COST burden is disproportionate upon individuals. The RISK IS NOT SPREAD.

    So, Mr. Brooks support experimentation in SOMEONE ELSE’s neighborhood. Now guess what. Some nitwit economist will read this, and run off and write a paper, present it at some stupid conference, and walk away famous.

    Economics is simple: Make the TRIVIAL OBFUSE AND DIFFICULT.

    While the rest of us attempt to make the difficult transparent, economists take simple ideas and make them opaque. Sounds like SNAKE OIL to me.

    Bill Jones
    Mathematician and Physicist

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