The NFL Comes To HGSE

Are you and your rowdy friends ready for some….Askwith Forum? If you’re in Boston on April 2 you might enjoy this conversation about what lessons the National Football League offers education featuring the Daly Brothers (NFL coach and teacher quality expert) and a player to be named later.  I’ll moderate the conversation and plenty of opportunity for audience engagement.  Here’s a TIME column looking at the issue – all the great stuff that got left on the cutting room floor will be discussed live.

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  1. First, we’e supposed follow the Marines. Now, we’re to emulate football players. Here’s a great insight for you Andrew and it’s free: one can find useful models for teaching in EVERY job on Earth. See, that’s the nature of education–get it? Learning is something we all do most of the time even if it’s not conscious or planned. You can take examples of expertise in every career that cares about separating things learned well from not so well. Want to make teaching and learning better? Keeping up with cognitive science and psychology would be a better usage of time than trying to hook people on some kind of high-profile gimmick to improve practice.

  2. I think that a loft of these foot ball players are pre planned and destined on what they do, about 90% start at a young age and practice 24/7 to become what they have become now a days.

  3. I’m confused about these military and professional sports analogies.

    Are teachers supposed to be the drill instructor/coaches and students supposed to be the raw recruits/players?

    Or are teachers supposed to be the raw recruits/players? In which case the actual students would be….? forgotten?

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