Cleveland’s Rocks

Terry Ryan with some facts and perspective on what’s happening in Cleveland.

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  1. From Terry:

    In order to maximize its talent pool, however, Jackson is calling for giving the school district more flexibility over personnel by doing away with damaging policies like Last In/First Out (this will require a change to state law). Currently, as Cleveland has shrunk it has had to dismiss its teachers based solely on seniority. This has hurt the district in two ways. First, such quality blind policies mean that some of the district’s most effective teachers have been let go for more senior,and possibly less effective teachers.

    Of course, Terry provides no data to back up his point.
    Just yell abortion or racist in the hope others will shut up.
    But here’s the real reason:

    Second, the per teacher costs in Cleveland are higher than most other school districts in Ohio because it is populated by older teachers who have accrued larger salaries by accumulating years of service.

    But I thought “reformers” want merit pay based upon standardized test scores?
    Won’t that mean shelling out more money as they hire and pay all these “highly effective” teachers?
    Of course, simple statistics would show that’s not going to happened despite the appearance of Superman super teachers. One would have better luck winning the lottery than seeing Cleveland teachers all earning bonuses under merit pay.
    Cleveland teachers, Lucy is on her way ready to move the football and have you fired.

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