Oh Bully!

New York is now on double-secret Race to the Top probation, too!  The Times has more including the wonderful allegation that the state commissioner there, John King, is a “bully.” Anyone who knows John will appreciate the absurdity of that.

You can read about how all the RTT states – not only the Delta House of Hawaii, New York and Florida -are doing in these new Department of Education status reports.

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  1. Article highlight:
    That, Mr. Cuomo said, is his short-term plan. In the long term, he vowed to reform “this failed system,” threatening to strip power from the unions, which he said the Legislature had worked to protect.

    “Despite the powerful interests working to protect the same status quo at the expense of our students’ success,” Mr. Cuomo said, “this state must become a national leader in student performance.”
    When do you know a politician is lying?
    When he/she open their mouth.

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