Odds, Ends, Edujobs!

As the orgy of attacking government continues in New Hampshire and South Carolina here’s a fun brief from CAP about some national investments that turned out OK. Also, here’s a new report from the Commerce Department and NEC on the competitiveness issue and strategy.

Give credit where it’s due: New study on MN’s dual-credit initiative for high school students.  MPR here. Dual credit has a few solid benefits for students overall – but some complicated turf issues!

Following the latest TFA silliness – Wendy Kopp’s response is worth reading. The NEA puts out an olive branch and gets whacked by the clown parade, pathetic.

Grant strategy opportunity at Knowledge Universe – based in Portland or in DC.

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  1. Re: Kopp’s reply.

    Meh. The original dual editorial, like Wendy’s response is just so much blather and positioning. When Kopp says that a residency program would turn away good candidates, you know the fix is in. Nothing to see here…

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