Odds And Ends

On Twitter they’re discussing the TIME 12 for 12 list with the hashtag #edactivists.

Chuck Edwards looks at the earmark hustle. And Mickey Kaus looks at how a grand bargain on the Hill might play out. Elsewhere Matt Ladner looks at NAEP scores in DC and he goes there – broom pic.

If you’re in Boston, some interesting Askwith Forums this year. Keep an eye on New York, Bloomberg throwing eduhaymakers.

And some noise on charters in Washington State, a place that’s been a dead zone.  Meanwhile, in Virginia the Governor’s education plans have some good ideas included but remain light on two big issues facing Virginia – creating meaningful choices for parents and fixing the state’s anemic school accountability system.

And if you like to judge AEP has an opportunity for you.

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  1. Matt missed these NAEP scores:

    NAEP Scores
    8th grade reading
    2002 240
    2003 239
    2005 238
    2007 241
    2009 240
    2011 237

    NAEP 8th grade reading
    year Higher income Lower Income
    2003 248 232
    2005 249 234
    2007 253 234
    2009 263 232
    2011 259 228

    The degree to which defenders of Michelle Johnson join her in pimping the data is amazing.

  2. Phillip-

    Your facility at citing semi-relevant to irrelevant data is almost as impressive as your rapier wit in making reference to someone’s married name that they have chosen not to adopt. Impressive!

    Normally I would strategically avoid arguing with anyone as clever and learned as you, but happily the relevant data is entirely on my side in this case, so I’ll chance it. During the post 2007 period for which we currently have NAEP data, DCPS had the fourth largest combined NAEP gains for low-income children in the country. This is before any consideration of the sky-high exclusion rates in 2007.


  3. Matthew, he’s been recently outed as a serial sockpuppeteer, so don’t waste too much time on him:


    Great analysis on your blog, btw

  4. Matt Ladner didn’t earn the NEPC”s “If I say it enough, will it still be untrue?” for nothing!!!!

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