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This year’s Hopes, Fears, and Reality from CRPE* is well-worth checking out.  And keep an eye on Neerav Kingsland, who is guest blogging over at Rick Hess’ blog all week. *I have an affiliation there.

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  1. More Good reading
    Bain Capital Supports School Reform

    Bain helped develop the strategy and business plan for launching StudentsFirst, the new organization founded by Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools. StudentsFirst is leading a national movement to advocate for common sense reforms that accelerate student achievement.

    The Bain team worked with Rhee and her team to build an indepth plan that has helped guide the initial launch and early success of the organization. We have committed to an ongoing partnership with StudentsFirst and are excited by the opportunity to support them in their mission of significantly improving the US educational system. That is one part of our launch of a new education practice in the US that will include pro bono teams in every office.

    “I’ve been incredibly impressed with the results of our collaboration with Bain. They helped us create a strategic plan that we have tremendous confidence in. We couldn’t have produced the quality that we did in the time frame that we did without our Bain partners.”

    – Michelle Rhee, CEO of StudentsFirst and former Chancellor of Washington DC Public Schools

  2. Who would have thought Bain was behind Rhee? Why would Bain be anxious to work with a non-profit dedicated to getting rid of tenure and seniority? But who else knows more about firing people…what a country we have. Why does everyone feel they have the right and the ability to meddle in MY profession?

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