Bust A CAP In ‘Em?

CAP takes a look at state applications for ESEA waivers.

Update: It’s on! New Jersey objects! Chris Cerf, the acting Commissioner there, sends the following note:

The CAP report you circulated last night has egregious misrepresentations of NJ’s ESEA waiver application – and by that measure alone appears to be irresponsibly inaccurate work. I have not looked at other states’ applications relative to the CAP report but suspect you may want to do so before any further circulation or commentary.

For example:

“NJ is one of six states that does not have a teacher id”… This is flatly UNTRUE – appears to be based on a year-old DQC document.

“How NJ is going to reduce regulatory red tape etc.. is unclear” … Also completely UNTRUE – we have had a year long regulatory red tape reduction task force that has produced a mountain of action and recommendations including a complete revamp and eventual elimination of the state’s own parallel accountability system..(all of which is described in the application).. in fact some people have commented that this is the strongest part of the NJ application. Over 300 regulatory changes are in process, incidentally. We had 15 lawyers and experts review 3000 pages of regulations and statutes. The yield from that process is nothing short of unprecedented in the history of either state or federal education bureaucracies.

“Sample performance reports do not include sub group performance data”… UNTRUE (couldn’t be further from true..) They simply didn’t read our submission. In fact, we took enormous care, as EdWeek and others have reported to continue USDOE’s historic commitment to subgroup performance reporting.

More later.

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  1. I believe you and i agree with you regarding this matter. But the evidences present might not be enough for us to come up with a solution for us to have an agreement regarding this matter.

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