The new Brookings index on school choice is interesting and worth a look but as I go through it two things seem to jump out. First, despite the rhetoric in the public square there still isn’t a great deal of real choice in education.  And second, the index seems to reward places (relatively speaking) that have limited choices but still do all the things you should do (information, transportation etc…nonetheless).  That’s like having an incredible restaurant with easy valet parking, wonderful fresh food, great service, and lovely ambiance – but that can only seat four people a night.  Nice but limited.

Update: Here’s RiShawn Biddle on the index.

2 Replies to “Choice?”

  1. Seems like this is exactly what the protectors of the status quo want, need, expect for all the money they spend on maintaining their grip on education. 4 seats at a great restaurant beats doing McDonald’s every day, right. Problem is that some people are figuring it just isn’t worth the wait list anymore and they also are saying no to fast food. Maybe I’m taking your analogy too far. Anyway, great rundown as usual. Thanks!

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