Wednesday Bits

by Michael Regnier

A candid Julie Greenberg: “Teacher prep value-added models aren’t even at stage 1.0.”

Matt Di Carlo cares about civility more than he cares about children.

Is the Harlem Children’s Zone a “little Finland”? First in a series.  (Disc: HCZ’s Geoffrey Canada is a Charter Center board member.)

A paper from Jobs for the Future argues for “Adding College-Course Completion to K-12 Accountability Systems,” a hot topic in this NCLB waiver season. Ah, but there are different ways to “complete” an AP or IB course, some of them easily gamed.

Classroom tools: Achievement First’s online resource library is open to anyone.

3 Replies to “Wednesday Bits”

  1. “Reformers” need to care much much more about civility if they want to help kids as opposed to simply defeating their opponents. But thanks for the “candid” link. the challenge of using VAMs to evaluate individuals IN A VALID MANNER is geometrically greater than trying to measure teacher ed. Why start with using experimental models to fire teachers when it is unclear whether those models can ever be valid for that purpose?

  2. For the record, I care less about children than critiquing tongue in cheek comments that don’t work.

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