That’s Incredible!

Fran Tarkenton has discovered education reform!  In the WSJ he wonders what would happen if quarterbacks played under teachers contracts.  Good question!  Here’s an NFL coach and the president of TNTP discussing some broader issues and lessons from the NFL.

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  1. Andrew-Sports or the private sector in general isn’t the correct analogy. The military is. Salary is based upon rank and tenure. Performance is judged not by quantitative measures, but an assessment by a commanding officer. Nevertheless, tenure plays a strong determiner in compensation. We would never argue for a military based upon what we are suggesting as “reform” for teachers.

  2. As a teacher I could really raise my test scores as well if I could run my class exactly like an NFL team and cut the 99.999% of students to don’t measure up.

    Of course the NFL wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to watch if every team was required to operate like a classroom and make do with a randomly assigned group of players, many of whom lack any aptitude at all and don’t want to be there in the first place.

  3. Fran was a good scrambler and I bet he’d run like a chicken if he had to spend one day in a classroom of 35 to 40 American youth.

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