Empire State of Mind


by New York City Charter School Center

Good morning Wonkland! Andy was foolish enough to give us the run of the blog this week, and we intend to fully exploit his hospitality.

We’re the New York City Charter School Center, an independent nonprofit organization that works to ensure a high quality charter sector in NYC. Through our citywide strategy, we help new schools get started, provide sector-wide supports to existing schools and build community support in order to ensure charter schools can continue to flourish.

We think the energy and innovation that is present in the best charter schools can help create more great public schools, both charter and district. We are also painfully aware that both the tenor and substance of much of the present debate (Eduwonk excluded, naturally) is a dead-end. We’re trying to do something about that—we hope that comes through in our work and our blogs.

According to stereotype, New Yorkers think it’s not just the best place to be but the only place.  And while we would like to play against stereotype, fair warning, we are going to talk about New York a lot.  It’s not just that we think New York City is the most fascinating hotbed of educational reform, experimentation, debate, and hope in the country, it’s also what we know.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stick with us through the week.

General disclosures: our major funders are listed here, and two of our seven board members are from the NYC Department of Education, including Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

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